Hard candy movie

Hard Candy on Sladen ensimmäinen varsinainen elokuva tämän ohjattua ennen vain musiikkivideoita. Elokuvan nimi Hard Candy on nettislangia ja tarkoittaa alaikäistä tyttöä. Hard Candy is a 20American psychological crime film focusing on the torture of a male sexual predator by a 14-year-old female vigilante.

Ellen Page and Patrick Wilson in Hard Candy (2005) Ellen Page at an event for Hard Candy (2005) Ellen Page. Hard Candy on: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. Hard Candy (2005) Official Trailer #- Patrick Wilson, Ellen Page Movie HD A teenage girl raids a man’s home.

Hard Candy is an exploitation film, with very little happening but a guy getting tortured for about minutes of screen time. David Slade’s Hard Candy is against pedophilia, but what does it think about sadomasochism? On one level, it’s a revenge picture about a . You see, Hard Candy is a bit more than a thriller or a horror movie in the usual senses of those terms.

To an important extent, it is also a psychology experiment . A description of tropes appearing in Hard Candy.

A brief synopsis and the ending will be revealed for the movie – HARD CANDY. Hard Candy movie reviews Metacritic score: A cat-and-mouse psychotic thriller as incisive as it is stylish, Hard Candy delivers a provocative take on the r. This is not a pedophile movie,” maintains Wilson. In “Hard Candy”, Wilson spends most of his screen time in increasingly uncomfortable . Met Patrick Wilson, Ellen Page en Sandra Oh.

Jeff Kohlver (Patrick Wilson) is seen in the film owning a Beretta 92FS pistol that he holds while tied up. Hayley Stark (Ellen Page) later uses the pistol. Watch trailers, read customer and critic reviews, and buy Hard Candy directed by David Slade for.

Opento preview, buy, and download this movie. Here’s a film that John Rei our new home secretary, might care to check out over the weekend. Dr Reid is reportedly much vexed at the undue .