Residential pool sanitation is improved and simplified with DEL Ozone sanitation systems. Reduce chlorine with superior ozone disinfection for cleaner, fresher . Reviews for swimming pool ozone generation systems from a pool spa industry professional – Del, Prozone.

So which pool alternative sanitizer is the best? We’ll discuss four types below – salt chlorine generators, ozonators, . Ozone reduces chloro-organic byproducts and can replace chlorine in a swimming pool. It is the single healthiest choice for use in municipal, commercial or .

Pool Ozone – questions and about using ozone in swimming pools. This page explains the proper use of ozone generators, as a means of reducing the chlorine and bromine usage, in swimming pools. Ozone kills all known bacteria viruses that chlorine alone cannot.

Significantly reduces chlorine levels to 0. Prevents re irritated eyes dry, itchy skin. Ozone is a great swimming pool oxidizer (destroys trash) and sanitizer (kills little ‘beasties’). An ozone is reported to be an environmentally friendly alternative .